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rounds. Ziggo Go has made a certain agreement with the pipes it offers that the businesses can only be given in the Netherlands. The following often has to choose with agreements that these people channels have in switch off all electronics made with the systems they buy. These methods have other appointments offering channels in other countries, so they can primarily just be shown by Nederlander channels in the Holland. By means of your IP house or GPS location, Ziggo Go knows your exact site and therefore whether tend to be in the Netherlands not really. In the latter case Ziggo Go can then quit the broadcasts that a person not allowed to determine.

The solution is help to make Ziggo Go wise a person need to are in the Netherlands, even if that isn’t true. VPN as simple solution to watch Ziggo Shop everywhere Falsifying your G-p-s location can easily performed by downloading a ‘fake GPS location’ app when ensures that your phone, laptop or tablet episodes a location in holland. Ziggo Go Changing your Ip to a Dutch Ip can be done along with a VPN connection . In which redirecting the internet organization via an external waiter. When this VPN server is a Netherlands, it will give the impression as if the Ip of the server is the IP address.

Therefore, it seems that will Ziggo as if you in the Netherlands, even though you are abroad for sample for a holiday or possibly business trip. It thus remains important to choose any kind of a VPN service that that has servers in the Netherlands, but there are a few who have that. It seems like a lot of all hassle, such a VPN server, but that means that there are companies contain this service. They will have servers all over The european union or even the world and arrange for anyone to redirect your internet web page views.

You can then quite indicate at which place you want the waiter to be located. Using netflix deutschland filmangebot can also deal with other geographical problems, with regard to example when you want you can control the American instead of your Dutch Netflix offer a. By choosing a server in America, you can see some American Netflix offer now. Also on eg Uitzending Gemist or KPN Interactive TV probably RTL XL you can view programs abroad in by doing so.