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LED lighting stands for lightemitting diode. This source of light was introduced in the United Stated during the s with the early versions only emitting lowintensity red light. Today LED lights come in a variety of wavelengths, colors, and are used for different reasons. Three things that make them so popular are their low consumption of energy, efficiency, and durability. The basic feature of any landscape is the lighting system. When lighting your landscape be sure that they are well placed per the requirement.

With LED lights, you can highlight a special plant or work of art in your landscape or a particular area. For this purpose, you should use accent LED lights but for other events like nighttime barbeques, you would use overall lighting. It is very easy to install LED lights in your landscape. All you need is imagination and time to get the perfect lighting effects for your landscape. he first thing that you should do is make a sketch of your house, landscape you want to high light. Include any pathways, trees, shrubs, garden ornaments, flowerbeds, and any other feature you want to light up or illustrate.

Make a plan on how you want to place the lighting fixtures.For high lighting garden ornaments, trees, or flowers you can use a spotlight, as they will just shine on that particular piece of landscape. You can also achieve this effect by installing up lights. The LED lights are placed at the base of the garden ornaments or trees and give them a dramatic lighting effect. If you are illuminating pathways you can use down lighting, which are lights that are place above eye level and shine down on the pathways.

You can also use LED lights on either side of the pathway to light it up.Make sure that the colors, lighting plan, and designs go with the style of your home. For example, if you have a Victorian style home you would need LED lights that are more ornate or in an antique design. LED lights come in two types, which are low voltage and solarpowered so select the one that would work best for your landscape. LED lights for your landscape come in different types so there is always something that will fit your check reviews landscape design.